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Betty Burian Kirk

Art Work

Betty uses natural fibers. She creates warm and unique felt hats, and elegant silk hats. She weaves scarves and shawls often out of yarns that she has hand painted with dyes. Betty does some custom orders in braiding, tassels, spinning and weaving.


Specializing in handmade felt cloches, also makes some elegant wide brim felt hats and berets.


Using raw silk fibers, Betty dyes them and then lays them in layers. After adding a textile medium, she molds them to hat blocks to style and sculpt the hat.

Handwoven Scarves & Shawls

Using one of several large floor looms, scarves and shawls are woven emphasizing either color or pattern. A 7’ triangle frame loom is used to create triangular shawls.

Dog Hair Yarn - Custom Spun

Working only from the hair brushed from a double coated dog, Betty can spin a lovely yarn that will create a unique item for the pet owner.