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Betty Burian Kirk

Weaving Workshops

Two Sided Overshot on Four Shafts  This is a lecture with samples and demonstrations which illustrates how to  have different color pattern weft on each side of the cloth.  The possibilities of having different patterns on each side of the cloth will also be discussed.  For intermediate weavers, 2 hours

Introduction to Inkle Loom Weaving Learn how to set up your inkle loom and start weaving! The basics of warping an inkle loom will be taught. Then tips on how to weave bands will be given and demonstrated. An inkle loom is designed for weaving narrow projects such as straps, belts, camera straps, trims or bookmarks. Bring the inkle loom, heddles (or a strong string to make heddles) scissors, and a shuttle.   See Photos

Band Weaving  and Pick-Up Patterns Learn how to weave straps, belts, or bookmarks using a simple pick-up technique. Threading instructions will be provided ahead of time. This can be done on an inkle loom or a table loom.

Variations of Overshot This is a workshop using the participant’s own overshot design and exploring the many possibilities that can be woven.  It’s amazing to see the variety of designs one can achieve!  Participants must know how to thread a loom, 1 to 3 day workshop

Basic Tapestry This workshop is designed for the beginner. It will teach how to set up a simple frame loom and change colors across the width of the loom for pictorial purposes. Various techniques will be taught for both 2 and three dimensional effects. 1 to 3 day workshop.

Finishing Techniques for Weaving Once your woven piece is off of the loom it is time to finish it! See samples of what can be done on the loom and once your fabric is off of the loom. There are many rules or tricks of the trade that can be used to finish hand-woven such as how to deal with fringe, decorate edges, join pieces and use beads. After examining the samples participants will practice several techniques. Open to all levels, 1 day workshop




Band Weaving & Pick-Up Patterns             

Variations of Overshot