Fleece Throws

Sheepskins are lovely for home decor, but the sheep are killed. A fleece throw or fleece rug is felted and looks like a sheepskin, but NO ANIMALS ARE KILLED.

At least once a year sheep are sheared, they get a haircut. I take the fleece and spread it out on a table with the lock tips on the table so that I am looking at the shorn side. I add a layer of wool fiber to the shorn side and wet it down with soapy water. Now the felting begins with a lot of rubbing, some rolling and then a lot of fulling (the technique that shrinks the piece and makes it strong). Once the wool fibers adhere/felt together, the fleece is thoroughly washed, rinsed and laid out to dry. When dry, the fleece is examined and all the lock tips are loosened to stand upright to create a lovely fleece throw.


Photographs coming soon!