Kumihimo and Tassels Classes

Lecture and Demonstration

Kumihimo – The Art of Japanese Braiding, an historic overview of how braiding was brought to Japan and the connection to the Samurai. Various techniques will be covered. An abundance of samples will be displayed. A demonstration of how the braiding is done on the maru dai will be given.

Tassels A true art form, the tassel has little if no practical function, yet it is found in most cultures at various times throughout history. Different types of tassels will be discussed and on display. The meanings of tassels in various parts of the world will be examined. A demonstration of how to make a basic tassel will be given.


Kumihimo braidsBasic Kumihimo Kumihimo is the art of Japanese braiding. Learn how to make several basic braids on a maru dai with 8 bobbins. Examples of many braids will be presented as well as applications of braids. Participants can easily make their maru dai, or purchase one before the workshop.


beaded kumihimo braidsBeads and Kumihimo Learn how to add some sparkle to your kumihimo! These braids can serve as a lariat necklace, hatband, rope belt, purse strap, or stand-alone as a necklace. Participants must know how to wind a warp and set up a maru dai. Directions will be given in advance for students to bring warps that have beads.


basic tassels

Tassel Making Tassels can be easy and fun. Little equipment is needed and the results are anywhere from fanciful to elegant.



tassel with beaded skirtTassels & Beads Enrich an elegant tassel with beads or make a tassel out of beads! Various size beads are used to create unique works of art.


Lectures and workshops can be created or tailored to an organization’s needs upon request if sufficient time is available.