Woven Scarves

The chenille scarves are rich and elegant with that special soft feel.I weave my scarves on a floor loom. To use a floor loom one must go through many steps. First, one must design the scarf: what colors will be used, what pattern will be selected for threading the loom and how many threads to the inch will be needed. Second, the selected yarns are measured on a warping board (ie. if you plan on using 10 threads to the inch and you plan on making the scarf 12 ” wide, you need to measure 120 yarns the length of your scarf – plus 18″ or so to allow for loom waste). The yarn on the warping board is tied and taken off. It’s brought to the loom, spaced out, then wound onto the back of the loom. Next, the yarn is threaded through the heddles on the (4) shafts in the order required for your pattern. The yarns are then threaded through the reed in the beater. Finally, the yarns are tensioned and tied onto the front beam. You are now ready to weave!

Many of my scarves have hand-painted warps.  This means that when I measure the yarn for weaving,  I then lay it out on a table.  The warp yarn is painted with dyes.  After setting the dyes, I rinse the warp to remove any excess dye and dry the yarn.  It is at this point that I take it to the loom and wind it on and thread it.  I weave the fabric, hand twist the fringe and give it a final washing.

Hand-painted warps make one-of-a-kind items.

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The chenille scarves are rich and elegant with that special soft feel.

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These are designed for women with a unique sense of fashion.

Some of my  scarves can be seen in Etsy, FiberArtsByBetty