Felting Classes

Felting Lectures & Demonstrations

Feltmaking A lecture and demonstration of how felt is made out of wool. The historic importance of wool and felt will be explored as well as the technical and artistic aspects of producing felt.  Learn how it is made, and its contemporary techniques and uses.

Pictorial Felt Making pictures on felt using a wet felting technique and painting with wool to create beautiful and stunning floral pictures on purses and wall hangings. The lecture will be in 4 parts.  The first part, will discuss the techniques and equipment used in felting. The second part will be a slide show of textile artists using felt to create images. The third part will be a presentation of how to create a pictorial piece step by step and the fourth part will be group participation in creating a felted pictorial piece.

Felting Workshops

The Amazing Felt Hat This is a workshop where the students design and make their own cloche. The cloche is a close-fitting hat, somewhat bell-shaped, that was so popular during the roaring twenties. Recommended for those with felting experience.

Felted Geode This is a hands-on mini-workshop. Participants will use wool rovings or bats as well as colorful wool yarn to create a soft sculpture replica of a geode.

Introduction to 2 and 3 Dimensional Felting Each participant will make a two-dimensional sample to learn the technique of felting and then a three-dimensional piece that is seamless (can be an eyeglass case or small vessel). A brief overview of traditional felting and its history will be given as well as a discussion on what contemporary fiber artists are doing with felt. This is a one or two-day workshop.

Lectures and workshops can be created or tailored to an organization’s needs upon request if sufficient time is available.