Spinning Classes

Spinning Lectures

Spinning Cotton A lecture and demonstration of how cotton is processed and spun into a thread. A historic overview of how cotton has been used will be given.

Wool Combing & Worsted Spinning A lecture and demonstration of how wool is combed and spun into a worsted type of yarn. Traditional wool combs and equipment will be used to show how our ancestors processed wool for crisp suiting material.

Processing Flax A lecture and demonstration, from seed to processed fiber, you will see how the flax plant is turned into linen using historic traditional tools.

Spinning Flax A lecture and demonstration, the processed flax fiber is prepared and spun into linen. Several types of distaffs will be shown and used to spin linen thread. The care of linen cloth will be discussed.

Evolution of Spinning A historic overview of how man started spinning and how it has evolved to spinning wheels and modern machinery.

Spinning Dog Hair A lecture and demonstration on how man’s best friend can be used to help make clothing and other items by spinning his undercoat into a yarn.

Spinning Workshops

Spindle Spinning for the Beginner This is a great way to learn the basics of spinning to make your own yarns! Participants will learn how to process wool (washing, carding, combing). The technique of spinning (drafting, twisting and winding) will be executed on a spindle. How to ply the yarn, wash it and care for it will also be taught.

Beginning Spinning Learn the basics of spinning to make your own yarns. This is generally taught in two sessions. The first session covers the process of making yarn using simple techniques using a drop spindle. The second session will deal with how a spinning wheel works and learning how to spin a consistent yarn on the wheel.

Spinning Review Know how to spin a basic yarn, but not sure what to do next?  This a refresher class and will teach you how to create the yarn you imagine.  Topics include spinning finer and heavier yarns, plying, woolen and worsted spinning, and a little fiber preparation.  This class is a great way to brush up on your skills.  You will need a spinning wheel for this class.

Spinning Short Fibers Participants will learn how to prepare and spin various varieties of cotton as well as camel, dog hair and silk noil. This is a workshop for intermediate spinners. This is a one or two day workshop and students should know how to spin on a spinning wheel or a spindle.

Designer Yarns I Investigate the possibilities of making new and exciting yarns. This class will cover Navajo ply, slub yarn, boucle and crepe yarn. Participants must know how to spin and have a working spinning wheel.

Designer Yarns II Learn how to spin interesting yarns that will give your fiber work a unique, special look. Some yarns go by many names,  you learn how to spin the Knot, Seed or Knop  and the Knickerbocher, tweed or garnet yarn. Core spinning and spinning with beads will also be taught. The only prerequisite is that the participant must have a basic understanding of spinning and a working spinning wheel.


Lectures and workshops can be created or tailored to an organization’s needs upon request if sufficient time is available.