2023 Art Show Schedule


Sunday September 3& Monday September 4, 10am—5pm both days. Deer Path Art League’s 67th Annual Art Fair on the Square held in beautiful historic Market Square in downtown Lake Forest, Illinois. The community of Lake Forest is located 30 miles north of Chicago. This festival is a highly rated, well-attended event of long standing. Art Fair on the Square is the Art League’s signature event and helps us fulfill our mission to bring high quality visual arts to the community.

25th anniversary of West End Arts FestivalSaturday and Sunday, September 9-10, 2023,  West End Arts Festival  The event is held in the shadow of the landmark Stone Avenue Metra train station in the charming and historic West End of La Grange, IL , surrounded by mature trees, small, local businesses, and plenty of free parking. This picture-perfect setting is the ideal spot to shop and talk with artists in person, enjoy live jazz, culinary demonstrations from noted chefs, wine tastings, art classes and interactive fun for kids. From 10 am to 5 pm at 701 W Burlington Ave, La Grange, IL 60525

Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17, 2023, Edward’s Place Fine Art Fair,700 North 4th Street, Springfield, IL 62702


Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art FairSaturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2023, Peoria Fine Art Fair.  Come and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Annual Peoria Art Guild’s Fine Art Fair which brings original art to central Illinois


2023 Teaching Schedule

Midwest  Weavers Conference June 12 – 17, 2023, Des Moines, Iowa

Midwest Weavers Conference

Variations on Overshot
Variations on Overshot

June 12-14, Variations on Overshot Participants will learn how to weave a traditional overshot pattern following the rules of overshot. Once one understands how overshot should be woven we will break all the rules and explore the many possibilities that can be woven using treadling from other types of weaves. It is amazing to see the variety of designs that can be achieved!

Weaving Diagonally on a Zoom Loom


Weaving Diagonally on a Zoom Loom, The Zoom Loom is a great little loom but let’s shake it up by weaving diagonally on it! Using a continuous yarn, you will learn how to weave a square diagonally.


Two-sided Overshot
Two-sided Overshot

June 16, Two sided Overshot on a 4 Shaft Loom, Learn how an Overshot pattern can be woven to produce different pattern colors on each side of the cloth as well as the possibilities of using a different pattern on each side of the cloth.




Baltic Style Pickup on an Inkle Loom
Pick up Patterns, book marks

June 17, Baltic Style Pickup on an Inkle Loom, Learn how to weave straps, belts, or bookmarks using a simple pick-up technique. Participants will warp their looms in class and weave several pick-up patterns. This is not a double-weave technique.