More Classes


Color Theory Colors can be more than warm or cool. How to obtain the correct color is part practice and part theory. Color theory terminology will be explained and you will see how to use it in your art or how you already use it and now can explain why.  ( I have 2 versions of this class, one for artists and one for fiber artists)


Design Basics A quick review of design elements and what to do with them. A great refresher or mini class on how to create your next masterpiece.

Designing in Fiber This lecture will explain how designing in fiber is different from designing for a two-dimensional painting. Fiber deals more with pointillism and forms for function. This class will help you to plan your next successful project.


Japanese bookbindingJapanese Bookbinding Learn the history of how Japanese bookbinding came to be and the various styles they used. Participants will learn the traditional way to create two styles of bookbinding to make a journal as well as the modern way of embossing the cover of your journal. (Lecture and Workshop)



Ribbon Flowers From Victorian through Edwardian times ribbon flowers were used on hats, shoes and garments. Ribbon flowers are created by folding, rolling, gathering, petals, knots and tubes. Learn about the techniques and see examples of flowers and make your own ribbon flowers.


paper marbling Marbling on Paper Lecture and demonstration on how to marble on paper. This is an old art that is done by floating inks or paints on “heavy water”.  The paints can be manipulated and then a prepared piece of paper is laid on the floating pattern. The paper is carefully lifted off of the paints and rinsed to complete this intriguing technique. A lecture covering history, supplies will be followed by a  demonstration of various techniques and then , time permitting, some hands-on marbling by participants will be done. Please note that the inks and paints used for this process will not wash out of clothes

Lectures and workshops can be created or tailored to an organization’s needs upon request if sufficient time is available.